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I'm Brian Twomey, author of Inside the Currency Market, college professor, a seven-year trader with a desire to bring my contribution to traders of the markets. Its a rather sophisticated book yet its well written so all types of traders in all types of markets with varied experience can gain knowledge from the information contained within the pages. Its a book that provides valuable insight into a single nation's currency, currency pairs, movement in the markets, methodologies from a single and two nation perspective, characteristics, histories, and means and methods to understand trades from the many examples provided. Information is contained within these pages for stock, bond, option and forward swap traders as well as students of economics, monetary and fiscal policies. I brought together my own methodologies, wealth of knowledge as well as the best of research regarding the many topics.

The price of a currency pair serves a vital function in the present and future economic situation of a nation. Currency prices one month may mean a different price the next month in economic terms due to a high or low CPI, high or low trade balance or high or low economic output. Currency prices will then adjust first before a stock or bond. In this respect currency prices convey an insight into a nation's economic health.

I tried to cover every topic in detail related to currency pairs but frankly I ran out of allowable space. It was my hope and desire never to bring the mediocrity prior writers brought to you, the reader. Yet the book contains an abundance of information in order to bring not only an understanding but a means to understand markets and trades. With this information I wish good and profitable trading to all.

Thank you,

Brian Twomey

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